Provillus Tabletas

In addition, azelaic acid, Provillus contains minoxidil, a dicarboxylic acid for the treatment of skin such as acne and rosacea problems. Kills surface bacteria. Vitamin B6 and biotin are added to preparations to support the metabolism and hair growth in men as women. Preparation of men provillus tabletas contains magnesium, with a mixture of pumpkin seeds, Serenoa, nettle and zinc oxide, Siberian ginseng, Uva-Ursi Muira Puama root. Magnesium makes women and a proprietary blend of Horsetail contains silica and para-amino benzoic acid (PABA). PABA (women's formula) and zinc oxide (male form) may be added to protect the bald pate in the light of the Sun's ultraviolet rays. There are no recommended value magazines were calculated for saw palmetto or any ingredients in the blend of herbs, but they are not known to be toxic to ,.