Provillus Pt Femei

If your hair dreams, meaning health, seduction, sensuality, vanity and sexual potency. This means a track in their attitude. If you dream your hair is messed up or Innodat means uncertainty and confusion in your life. If you dream that your hair goes through a big change, may suggest, a radical provillus pt femei change to the transport problems facing. If you dream that you cut your hair, it means the loss of faculty; I feel as if someone is trying to control you. At the same time, it may mean, change the way you think and eliminate unwanted thoughts and habits. If the dream, scallops or mount, to indicate that the value of the use implemented a new idea, the concept or the hairstyle. It can also mean their concerns about the image and appearance. The dreams that you have long hair seems to need attention and the idea of time, the important decisions of your life. If you dream of having short hair, there is a need to change lifestyle. If you dream that you fall, they suggest fear of aging and fear that it will lose their virility and their sex appeal; Specifies that you are concerned about your appearance. In the dream, hair loss can also mean a lack of power, to pursue a project. Is a feeling of weakness and vulnerability. If you dream of someone that they feel their hair, they symbolize the sexual curiosity or need stimulation. If you dream that you touch a person's hair, it seems that you are trying to connect with the spiritual or intellectual person. In addition, this type of sleep can mean Protectivitate, compassion, charity. If the wind blows the hair, dream related to freedom of expression without taboo feelings. If you're dreaming of, discoloration, or white hair, is a symbol of wisdom and understanding. See also mean when you dream about blood,?,.